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Welcome To MKMS Infotech

MKMS InfoTech is a web development, web design and SEO company that engineers effective and usable web based software and web sites. We support these efforts with social media and search engine marketing, usability analysis and conversion optimization to help our customers grow. It is the heart of modern day marketing plan, an integral part of successful marketing strategy or campaign. Online marketing offers tangible yet measurable results and is designed to meet the needs of today’s customer. We are a leader in digital marketing, offering a personalized web solution designed around your market and business objectives.

It is a multiple award-winning internet strategy, branding and web designing organization that helps companies establish result-oriented websites, seriously complex mobile and custom web apps, top SEO rankings and killer brands.

MKMS InfoTech provides top of the line solutions for individuals and businesses in the industry. Let us bring your residual profit and customers for just a fraction. We have the experience and power to bring your company to the top of search engines. After becoming a client, you will see significant ranking enhancement in the initial one month. So contact MKMS InfoTech today to speak to our professionals about web based services to rank your company in the Top 10.






How to Create Your Own Website

Are you thinking of making passive income online or wanting to promote your business online? Or just want to add zing to your status statement by creating your own website? However feeling baffled by the procedures, technology and terminology involved. You may be even close to giving up. Then your search ends here. We will show you how to create a website and teach you to build successful internet business. Our main aim is to guide you through key stages from site planning to development.

How To Redesign A Business Website

Redesigning a site happens very often on the internet today. It can be thanks to new technologies, which appear one after another or because rules change every month. We just don’t redesign the site only for the sake of spending money. However, we do it because we feel that website requires visual redesign, we feel that the visitors want to see something new from visual stand point. Considering the redesign is entirely for users, it is them we should concentrate on when we think about developing a new identify for our website.

Intel's 335 Series 80GB Solid State Drive Hits Shelves

Intel added 80GB 335 Series solid state drive to its current lineup of SSDs. The all-new 80GB 2.5 inch drive is the company’s possibly the final and the 3rd addition to 335 family-poised to sit alongside its 2 240GB and 180GB siblings. The previous addition of the company was 180GB model introduced in the month of February. Not much is known about the 80GB version of Intel. Actually, the company still hadn’t upgraded its 335 Series page for including the newly introduced version by the time of this writing.

Amazon TV Set-Top Box Rumored To Be In The Works

Amazon has a team of engineers who are working on TV set-top box, anonymous sources in contact with Bloomberg claim. Certainly, the TV-based device would be seemingly natural extension to Amazon Instant Video as it continues to create its own original cements and content 3rd party content deals. Some details are known about the forthcoming box of Amazon; however devices like Apple TV and Roku are 2 possible implementations that could service as blueprints for the company: less expensive, tiny and appliance like gadgets.

Importance of SEO in Internet Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is of great significance to your site. Without SEO, chances are that your site will not be viewed, ranked or make profit. A significant aspect of SEO is making your website easy for both search engine robots and users to understand. Albeit, search engines have become increasingly advanced, in plenty of ways they still can’t see and understand webpage the same way a human does. Search Engine Optimization helps the engines figure out what each page is about and how it might be useful for users. It is a process of affecting the visibility of portal or website in a engine’s unpaid results.

Why Your Business Needs A Website?

A website is the most significant tool you will purchase for your small business. Your online presence is the most affordable manner in which to generate increasing profits and reach new customers. More consumers are using internet to shop as compared to before and those who buy offline will often use web to start their search, meaning that all businesses without website is increasingly losing business. A less popular, smaller business with website will be more likely to attract customers as compared to well known, larger business, which doesn’t have a website. Developing a site is not very expensive and will greatly increase the sales potential of your company.