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Brochure Designing

This is the very first step you will have to take when creating a brochure. You will generally discuss this with your client, so try to recommend the right medium for the kind of product and message your client has to get across. For example, a z-fold or tri-fold brochure will not be the best choice for luxury products, which require lots of big pictures and white space. Design is not only about nicely layout pages, but also about end physical product which people will hold in their hands. Purpose of brochure might vary from B2B. Brochure is an important part of advertisement and a vital marketing tool, which covers all aspects of your business, provides the reader a comprehensive yet brief peek into your business usefulness and objective and emphasizes the benefits of using your services and products. MKMS InfoTech endeavors to create a brochure design, which serves these purposes seamlessly. Several kinds of brochures exist in market, classified either as per intended use or layout. We can tailor our service as per your preference such as die cuts, embossing and unique folds.

Catalogue Design

To gain most favorable return on each square inch of floor space the most successful department supermarkets and stores employ experts in shelf space management, store layout, point-of-sale and in-store display. Successful catalogue design is no different. An effectual catalogue design needs just as much thoroughgoingness because your catalogue is your sales force, your checkout and your shop, all in one. We have made it our business to understand why people buy stuff from catalogues. From front to back, you have opportunity to build customer keenness of satisfactory experience and make sales at every turn of page. We build a long-standing relationship with our customers. Incredible page zooming function for clear readability. Viewer can download in PDF version from E-catalogue. User friendly and attractive User Interface, bookmarking, inner page linking facility, thumbnail view, content listing and more.

2D Animation

MKMS InfoTech believes in the awesome power of animation for creating brands. Whether it is TV series, feature length film, web-based clip, little pre-visualization or commercial campaign, we help our customers develop strongest character driven material for their communications. Established in the year 1998, we are a full service animation studio, which specializes in hand drawn animation. With dedicated crew of animators, writers and directors, MKMS InfoTech has made it a mission to invent bold creative visions and distinctive animation techniques. It helps businesses to create a simulated action that offers the user with a realistic experience. Our Multimedia 2D Animation service includes dynamic Photo Gallery, Flash Presentations, Product Demo, CBT's, Flash Games, Virtual tours, Interactive Catalogs and more.

3D Animation

MKMS InfoTech is a leader in industrial design animation that can develop extremely complicated shapes directly modeled in 3D animation. It enables you to create something that’s more acceptable and pragmatic even when on drawing board. Currently, plenty of organizations have started developing their industrial ideas in 3D. We can help you achieve and compete against those companies at an affordable price. 3D Animation will save you money and resources which could otherwise go into developing a failed design or prototype. It is widely used in areas of Movies, Advertising, Automobile, Aerospace, Biotechnology, Medical, Games, Engineering and more. For bringing your project to life, we ensure usage of realistic designs, perfect modeling, required light effects and true textures, and make your project stand out amongst others.

Website Redesign

Most of the population of the world is connected though internet. Therefore, having an online presence is a priority for almost any business. Nevertheless, if this presence isn’t effective, you perhaps would not even be noticed, let alone generating great results. Are you sure your site appeals your clients? Is your site equipped with sophisticated design and technology? Is it a perfect representation of your brand? If not, you must, as a responsible business owner, get professional service from redesign experts. We at MKMS InfoTech, help such business to inject fresh life into site and redesign everything from graphics to navigation path to content that improves its overall functionality. Website redesign accounts for around 70 percent of enquiries we receive; more often than not from companies who have invested in a website, however are dissatisfied at the amount of leads, enquiries and sales it generates. If your website performance is poor and your site is not giving you the best return on investment, it will always be seen as an expense and never an investment.

Static Website

A static website is one, which has web pages stored on the server in a format that’s sent to client web browser. It is mainly coded in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). Marketing examples or simple forms of websites including classic website, brochure website and 5-page website are often static sites, as they present static yet pre-defined information to the user. This might include information about an organization and its services and products through video/audio, text, animations, photos and interactive navigation and menus. Static website is best suited for companies, which don’t update products and services frequently. We at MKMS InfoTech understand clients' needs and provide them with a web lay out, which symbolizes their business in most effective way. Some of the reasons why companies prefer static website include:

  • Cheaper as compared to a dynamic site.
  • Trouble-free site with easy hosting and creation.
  • Each page of this site is easily editable.
  • Brochures, images and other information can be quickly downloaded.
  • Web Layout is easily customizable.

  • E-Commerce Website

    Marketing online has grown from a few, reliable online stores to a booming online marketplace. Our Ecommerce stores are built spontaneously for the user and include everything from wishlists, user logins, shopping history, promos and favorites. Our creative web design team advises on other selling opportunities online; modify your online marketing strategy and promoting your store. Clients have recognized the importance of having a renewed, attractive presence on the web. Having an e-commerce website means having a site, which provides updated, fresh content that enhances user experience considerably. This website is designed and engineered with specialized knowledge and creative effort. The web designing team at MKMS InfoTech is capable of offering unique web design, which helps our customers to always stay ahead of competition. Tools such as MS SQL, ASP .NET and PHP MySQL make a website easily navigable, a traffic magnet and attractive.

    Flash Website

    Graphics attract customers more than text. Having a flash website is the best way to grasp visitors' attention via systematic arrangement of attractive images, animation, sounds and videos. Flash websites are considered to be not-so-SEO-friendly sites. We at MKMS InfoTech know the ways and possess the required tools for incorporating flash design with HTML content that makes it easier for search engines to grab your data instantly. In addition, expert techniques used by us can help you to enhance ranking amongst several search engines effectively. Web pages designed using flash technology are highly graphical, dynamic and vibrant. Albeit creating such pages is really pricy, we offer economical flash web design with unmatched quality and unparalleled creativity. Creating attractive flash web pages is a skillful art, practiced and learned perfectly by our designing team at MKMS InfoTech.

    Search Engine Optimization is a process of affecting the visibility of web page or website in the unpaid or natural search results of the search engine. It might target different types of search such as industry specific vertical search engines, image search, news search, local search, academic search and video search. MKMS InfoTech understands that the market value of your service or product is only as good as its visibility. SEO encompasses everything your team is doing to move your site rankings higher in search engine results through Bing, Google, Ask and Yahoo! We stand apart amongst SEO companies with the team of experts who know the workings of SEO tactics and apply best performance practices for business requirements for our clients. Our experts have years of experience in the art of SEO and we work with clients at a variety of service levels to help obtain top search rankings for desired search phrases and keywords. So, the better your Search Engine Optimization is, the more visitors your site will have.

    Top 30 Rank Solution

    Did you know that more than 85 percent of internet users use search engines for finding websites like yours? Most people every day turn to the major search engines for finding services, information and products. With more than a billion sites listed with search engines, how will your clients ever find you amongst the competition? SEO is the solution that can help your website achieve top rankings. Without such rankings, particularly in top 30 positions on the major search engines for keywords related to your services or products, you are missing the bulk of your potential client base. Many people will hardly look beyond the first 30 links returned after they run a search on engines, and hardly anyone looks beyond the first 3 pages of search results. Presenting your site to search engines doesn’t ensure you site traffic. If you are listed but not within top 30 of search results, you lose, no matter how many search engines to which you submitted your site. The top 30 ranking in a major search engine will often generate more targeted traffic unlike a pricier banner advertising campaign. It is like highly targeted advertisement, which is both effective and free. Our optimization plans are designed to accommodate most budgets and needs and are affordable. Why spend bags of money when you can have the same results for much less?

    Content Management System

    The core function of CMS (content management system) is to present information on sites. Its features vary widely from system to system. Simple systems highlight handful of features, while notably enterprise systems provide more powerful and complex functions. Most content management systems include format management, Web-based publishing, indexing, version control (revision control), retrieval and search. Updating your website is necessary and needs the use of CMS. There are many systems to choose from, so our choice of CMS generally depends on the scalability requirements and required functionality of the project. This particular system will boost your search engine rankings. At MKMS InfoTech, we love working with Open Source CMS including WordPress. Content management is essential and we would like to make it as easy and fun, as possible. With a Web CMS integrated to your website, you can make changes and updates yourself, saving money and time.

    The most advantageous site CMS should enable you to:

  • Optimize press releases
  • Make content changes easily and quickly
  • Amalgamate blogs
  • Manage human resources
  • Create surveys
  • Integrate with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) apps

    Online Reputation Management

    Online Reputation Management (ORM) fuses public and marketing relations with search engine marketing. High rankings and visibility for good publicity are ultimate goals that will in turn push bad publicity down search engine listings. With ORM, you can enhance visibility of positive mentions of your organization and remain proactive and vigilant. Customers searching for you on internet often judge you by what others are saying. Luckily, a detailed ORM service can help solve this problem and show a wide audience. MKMS InfoTech uses online social media and marketing platforms for displacing negative info. Detailed ORM plans are engineered for raising your positive information in search engine results and rankings. ORM allows you to manage and protect your reputation by becoming actively involved in the outcome of search engine results by creating online assets, which are controlled and owned by you. Some of the online assets which we can help you develop include:

  • Micro and Sister Sites
  • Corporate websites
  • Employee and Corporate Blogs
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Corporate Communications
  • Partner Sites

  • They say that first impression is the last impression. The first impression most people have of your business is your logo. When we talk about branding, one of the things, which instantly pops up in our mind is the logo. It must be a perfect representation of a company's ethics, values and culture. Consequently, a logo must be designed with greatest circumspection, considering goals, core values, ethics, aims, philosophy and culture of a company. MKMS InfoTech has a competent workforce such as creative developers and graphic designers, who perfectly know what it takes to build an effective logo. Logo creation is a process, which requires experienced skills. The time taken, nonetheless for creating an easy-to-remember, distinctive logo is not long. We design logos which communicate your company values and speak to your audience. Your logo should be memorable and build trust.

    Product Branding

    What makes a consumer product brand market over another? Is it Package design? Brand identity design? A compelling brand story or In-store retail display design? The answer is Yes. It takes all of these things for creating brands, which customers will buy. Some consumers buy the greatest and latest trends. So how do you create loyal customers? Create unique consumer product packaging design and branding, which speaks to them and tells a great brand story. That’s where we come into picture. MKMS InfoTech a boutique creative agency specializes in brand identity design, brand strategy, retail point-of-sale design and packaging design for consumer products. We design, market and develop unique consumer product brands, which customers want to experience, buy and pick up. In simplest terms, developing brands of distinction means not imitating brands, which that already exist in the marketplace. It means finding new market space; finding distinctive ways for inspiring customers to buy your product and blazing new trails.